At Atkins Antiques our purchasing process is simple - we research and look, you view and confirm, we pack and ship:

  • You provide us with information on what you would like along with an image (no matter how small) - this will enable us to formulate a picture and start our search.

  • Once our search is underway we can inform you of your options and where possible provide descriptions and images to you.

  • If you then decide to proceed we will reserve the item for you - we can also take full payment at this stage if you are sure the piece is for you.*

  • Once a payment is made we package the item and deliver it to you. Payment is only made after you have reserved the item and is done through us.

*A reserved piece can still be sold if full payment is not made.

The Search

Once we have been supplied with your requirements we endeavour to provide you with our best service and where necessary a report on the item including detailing any issues.

Reserving an Item

If you are happy with the item we have selected you can reserve it.

To avoid disappointment it is advisable to pay the full sum as soon as possible as items generally sell quickly once sourced.

Payment can be made by either bank transfer or cheque and we offer a full money back policy if you are unhappy with the item.

Packing & Export Services

We offer a full packing service for export goods using paper blankets and corrugated cardboard, we can also crate for airfreight and fine glass cabinet ware.

Domestic goods are carefully blanket wrapped by expert furniture carriers, all fully insured.

Please ask for a quotation.

Restoration Service

We also provide a full furniture restoration service, including upholstery, gilding and lacquer work. To get started, send us an image and we will advise you from there.

See Examples.