Before actually getting the charging station for the mobile phones, it is essential to learn about all the key features of the device. The charging stations are available in a number of forms and types. With each different type there are different features and characteristics associated. Hence, it is important to know how these charging stations stand out from each other and what are the common features that are there in each of them.

With the growth of cell phone usage all around the globe, the trend of acquiring the charging station from Sydney has become popular as well. The charging stations are now seen everywhere. They are there in the offices, parks, hospitals, railway stations and even the airports. The main purpose of these stations is to keep the mobiles charged so that the users are connected to the people they want and the tasks keep on going when they are on wheels. The core features The job of the charging stations of all kinds is the same. They all serve the same purpose of handling the mobile phone charging. The shapes and sizes might differ but the fundamental features are absolutely same. The popular features of the charging stations are as follows:

• Most of the stations require 110v.

• The stations can accommodate both corded and cordless charging.

• Few models have the locker facility as well that operate with the PIN or passwords.

• The charging stations charge from 1 amp to 2.1 amp.

• It is even possible to have charging stations fixed to the personal tables of the people in the workplace.

• The buyer can choose the stations as per the budgetary constraints and requirements of the buyer.

Types of charging stations

Charging stations are classified according to their usage and the forms. The common types that you can choose from are as follows:

1. Mounted charging stations are the most preferred options. Being least expensive they are in the reach of most of the buyers. Such kind of stations are mostly seen in the hospitals, clinics, and similar locations. They are easy to install anywhere especially in the areas where the people can comfortably keep standing next to the station.

2. The stations with lockers is a safe way to charge the phones when they are almost dead. In these stations the user gets the opportunity to keep the phone on charge in a locker. He gets a personal PIN, password or key that is used only by him. They vary in sizes. Usually they are as big as the tower and as mall as the kiosks. They can be bought in different colours and designs. The popular variations in this category include the stations with backlit displays, quick charging option and the compartments with colourful light options.

3. Charging statins attached to tables are great for the offices that allow the users to enjoy the best time while working and need not worry about losing the battery of their phones while at work. A station is attached to the table with the USB ports fixed to them. These charging tables can be used by one user or they are huge enough to support several users at the same time.

4. Charging towers are similar to the tower CPU in their appearance. It is the job that is actually making the difference.