Why do businesses/companies add barcodes to their products? Is it beneficial or a wasteful activity? People usually ask these kind of questions. Especially for large distributors, wholesalers and distributors, one should have to admit that without adding barcodes or electronic labels to products, they should never think to even operate. Some important elements of installing barcodes to products are a) it eliminates the chances of human errors b) bulk data can be punched in minimal time let’s say in seconds c) highly cost effective d) can be linked with customer relationship software’s e) assist accounting function of your business f) ensue in better decision making g) reduces too much payroll cost on account of hiring of extra staff h) no time needed to train staff/employees and number of other favorable elements affiliated with automation of processes. Yes, adding barcode facility means shifting towards more automated controls and relying less on manual data.


After late 1990’s, businesses/retail chains etc. had noticed that in manual punching of data relevant to sales, purchase, prices etc. would waste their ample time and effort. Also, at that time businesses were used to hire too much professional staff and also incurred massive training cost. As everyone knows that in late 1990’s there was a dramatic shift towards growth in IT industry, they realized the importance of electronic labels embedded on products. However, in these days, one can see that almost every store or retail chain has opted this technology and streamlined their processes and procedures through automation.

Inventory control

Yes, it is the most known benefit of adding this facility. Via these barcodes, one can get each and every information like price, quantity, value of tax etc. on its screen in no time. It means that one can fetch more control on inventory. As mentioned above, there would be no need to punch manual entries which means that chances of any human error would not be there. Link here https://www.barcodelabels.com.au/barcode-software/ offer an advanced barcode software that will suit your needs.

Accounting purposes

Handling of accounting data is not a piece of cake. Especially for trading businesses which involves bulk data in small numbers, it can be said that it is almost impossible to handle such data by making manual entries. On other hand, mere installation of barcode software can serve this purpose. That is why, finance department of every business always gather data from barcode software and so, one can easily prepare accounts/financial statements. So, it always assist finance department for accounting purposes.

Hence, it would not be wise to not to accept that adding barcodes is a direct value addition in your business. Moreover, attention should be further given that installation of this value addition is not that much costly and therefore, every business should have to grab this IT invention without wasting any time.